Top 10 Transparent LED Screen Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

Looking for the best Transparent LED Screen Manufacturers and Suppliers? Your search concludes over here! In this post, we will be sharing 10 top picks with you. All of these companies are well known for their quality manufacturing and outstanding customer service. So, let’s dig into it!

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What is a Transparent LED Screen?

A transparent LED Screen is a type of Light Emitting Diode (LED) display screen with glass-like crystal clearness and LED display functions. A glass-like transparent sheet is used with no glass or other materials. It greatly appeals to customers by providing a sharp display of products. 

pantalla led transparente

Top Transparent LED Screen Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

The following table includes the top 10 transparent LED screen manufacturers and suppliers. After analyzing their quality, deliverability, service, and standards. It consists of essential information such as their location, experience, and workforce. 

Posición EmpresaAño establecidoUbicaciónNuestros
1Iluminación RC2013Guangzhou50-100
3Iluminación OBALS2010Zhongshan50-100
4Jinghui Opto1996Ningbo150-200
5Halcon Lighting2010Zhongshan100-150
6Allred Lighting2010Jiangmen30-50
8Visión profesional 2020Shenzhen150-200
10ALways Lighting2010Jiangmen100-150

Resúmenes de la empresa

To know each company’s specifications, capabilities, and strengths, you need to review them in detail. Therefore, we have provided all of the valuable information regarding them below.

Guangzhou RC Lighting Co. Ltd

Iluminación RC

RC Lighting is one of the top names for transparent LED screen manufacturing. It is based in Guangzhou, con un trabajoforce of around 100 employees. It started operations in 2013 and has a global delivery network of more than 80 countries. RC Lighting adheres to ISO 9001:2015, CE, RoHS, and ETL. The entire LED screen production cycle is of advanced quality and up to the mark. 

The raw material suppliers of RC Lighting are globally recognized ones like CREE, OSRAM, MEAN WELL, and INVENTRONICS. RC Lighting follows many product testing protocols, including high-temperature, high-pressure spray, water-pressure, soaking, and many others. It has a qualified team of researchers and engineers who brings innovation to transparent LED screens. 

Moreover, the price range for its transparent LED screen is quite economical compared to its top-notch quality. It also provides OEM services with highly customizable options. The after-sales support of RC Lighting is also 24/7 through your preferred platforms. 

Ventajas de la compañía:

  • ISO, CE, RoHS, ETL Quality Certified
  • 24/7 After-Sales Support
  • Precio económico
  • Quick and Worldwide Delivery
  • Complete Customizability

Principales Productos y Servicios:

Shenzhen Guijia OptoElectronics Co. Ltd.


Guijia started its manufacturing operations with a specialization in transparent LED displays in 2015. It is based in Shenzhen and has more than 150 employees. Guijia has an innovative R&D department and design, engineering, sales, and marketing services. When it comes to quality, it is certified by numerous local and international certification providers, most notably ISO 9001-2000, 3C, CE, FCC, and RoHS. 

Guijia offers a wide range of customization options for your transparent LED screen and other products. It also manufactures LED canopies, LED lighting, LED light pole display screen, and numerous others. It has delivered its LED-oriented products to more than 60 countries worldwide. The rates for its transparent LED screens are around average. After-sales support of Guijia is also a remarkable feature as it offers 24/7 live support.

Ventajas de la compañía:

  • Requisitos de MOQ bajos
  • Reliable After-Sales Support
  • Economical Rates
  • Entrega oportuna
  • Worldwide Delivery Network

Principales Productos y Servicios:

  • Transparente de la pantalla LED
  • LED Advertising Machine
  • Pantalla LED de alquiler
  • LED Grill Display
  • Transparent LED Film Series

Iluminación OBALS

Iluminación OBALS

Obals Lighting has been one of the top transparent LED screen manufacturers since its inception in 2010. Its decade-long experience provides a glimpse of its capabilities and delivery speed. Obals use high-tech machines to manufacture all types of LED screens, especially transparent LED screens. The company is based in Zhongshan and has the capabilities of manufacturing products like LED Track Light, Spot Light, Ceiling Light, Panel Light, and many more.

Obals has passed numerous quality certifications like ISO 9001;2015, RoHS, SAA, C-Tick, and CE. The total factory area consists of 10,000 sq meters along with a 12000 sq meters showroom. Moreover, it also processes each of the items LED screens through various energy efficiency tests like ERP, LM-79, LCP, etc. The prices for its transparent LED display screens are quite affordable and economical. 

Ventajas de la compañía:

  • Certified by ISO, RoHS, SAA, and C-Tick
  • Decade Long Experience
  • Reliable Quality Testing
  • Designing Capabilities
  • Wide Delivery Network

Principales Productos y Servicios:

  • LED Track Light
  • Luz de techo del LED
  • Transparente de la pantalla LED
  • Luz colgante LED
  • LED Battens and Linear Light

Ningbo Jinghui Opto-Electronic Co. Ltd.

Jinghui Opto-Electronic

Ningbo Jinghui Opto-Electronic Co. Ltd. has a LED manufacturing experience of more than two decades as it started its operations in 1996. It has one of the largest numbers of skilled employees, around 200. There are various retailers of Jinghui’s transparent LED screens, especially in Europe and North America. It also can manufacture LED lights powered by solar or wind energy.

Jinghui is the name of quality manufacturing as it is an adherer to RoHS, CE, BSCI, and ISO. All the manufacturing is done through advanced machining as well as reliable testing. The customization options are still a way for you to imprint your designs over these LED products. You can expect your transparent LED screen to reach out within 2-3 weeks after the finalized order. Its supply chain management is also a key factor behind its popularity and reliability.

Ventajas de la compañía:

  • Vast Manufacturing Experience
  • personalización
  • International Quality Certifications
  • Productos asequibles
  • Tiempo de entrega más corto

Principales Productos y Servicios:

ZhongShan Halcon Lighting

Halcon Lighting

Halcon Lighting was inaugurated in 2010 with the capability of manufacturing LED Lights. Later, it became a master in transparent LED screen displays and other products. It is based in Zhongshan and has a manpower of around 100 employees, including engineers and researchers. Halcon’s main capabilities include producing LED Recessed Lights, LED Troffers, LED Linear Pendant Lights, and LED Ceiling Lights. 

Almost all of Halcon’s products come with a warranty of 5 years. Moreover, it has passed international quality standardization certifications like Energy Star, ETL, UL, FCC, and SAA. The product testing team of Halcon is renowned for its advanced product testing through various real-time checks. However, the prices of Halcon’s products are a bit higher than the average price rates.

Ventajas de la compañía:

  • Certified by Energy Star, FCC, SAA, ETL, UL
  • 5 Años de Garantía
  • Vast Manufacturing Experience
  • Requisitos de MOQ bajos
  • Complete Designing Capabilities

Principales Productos y Servicios:

  • Luces LED empotradas
  • Luces de techo LED
  • Pantallas LED transparentes
  • LED luces de tira
  • LED Troffers

Jiangmen Allred Lighting Technology Co. Ltd.

Allred Lighting

Allred Lighting started its operations in 2010 in Jiangmen, China. Despite its nominal number of employees of around 50, Allred is one of the top transparent LED screen manufacturers and suppliers. It offers OEM and ODM production services as well as other customizable products. Some of the main capabilities of Allred Lighting are LED magnetic track light, linear light, and downlight. 

With multiple LED screen production lines, Allred can deliver the finalized product within 1-2 weeks after the completed order. It also provides aluminum LED profiles as well as other lighting displays. There is a complete product designing department with more than 10 professional designers who provide custom designs and patterns. 

Ventajas de la compañía:

  • Greater Customization Options
  • Precios asequibles
  • Zapatos con Alzas
  • Reliable After-Sales Support
  • Tiempo de entrega más corto

Principales Productos y Servicios:

Holux Lighting Ltd.


Holux Lighting is not a very old company, as it was started in 2015, but its transparent LED screen manufacturing mechanisms are quite advanced. Its headquarter is based in Hangzhou city of China. There are around 150 professional workers working in this company. It offers OEM services and has renowned quality certifications like ENEC and GS. 

Holux is also a prominent LED manufacturer due to its 24/7 after-sales support. It can deliver LED-Oriented products to more than 50 countries. Some of the notable capabilities of Holux include Backlit Panel Lighting, Sidelit Panel Light, and T8 Tube Light. It also offers complete customizability and quick delivery within 1-2 weeks. The price rates of transparent LED screens are also very economical and affordable.

Ventajas de la compañía:

  • Entrega rápida
  • Producción rápida
  • Reliable Quality Assurance
  • Complete Customizability

Principales Productos y Servicios:

  • Bombillas de filamento
  • Transparente de la pantalla LED
  • Backlit Panel Lighting
  • Sidelit Panel Lighting

Shenzhen Vision Pro Electronic Co. Ltd.

Visión profesional

Vision Pro is based in Shenzhen, China, and has a reliable global product delivery network. Its transparent LED Screen manufacturing started in 2020 and was admired by local clients, and international customers recognized it. Vision Pro has a workforce of around 200 fully skilled personnel. Notable capabilities of Vision Pro consist of manufacturing media façade lighting, transparent LED screens, outdoor LED video wall, etc. 

It has an entire department set for offering customizability to its users worldwide. The price rates for its transparent LED screens are near average. The quality of Vision Pro’s products is very high as it adheres to international certifications like ISO and CE. It has a promising delivery and shipment network consisting of around 75 countries. Moreover, it also provides a reliable warranty period for its products.

Ventajas de la compañía:

  • Requisitos de MOQ bajos
  • ISO and CE Certifications
  • Highly Skilled Staff
  • Wide Delivery Network
  • Complete Customizability

Principales Productos y Servicios:

  • Pantallas LED transparentes
  • LED Media Façade
  • Pantalla LED fijo
  • Pantalla LED de paso de píxeles pequeños

Shenzhen JasionLight Ltd.


JasionLight has a rich LED screen manufacturing experience of more than 18 years. Its headquarter is located in Shenzhen, China. The number of employees in JasionLight is up to 150, of which 15 staff members are dedicated to quality assurance while 10 are design and development experts. 

The price of JasionLight is slightly higher than the average price for transparent LED screens compared to other manufacturers. All of its products are passed through standard aging tests to check whether all of them are completely reliable or not. Surprisingly, JasionLight offers OEM and ODM services to all of its customers. 

Ventajas de la compañía:

  • Servicios de OEM / ODM
  • Soporte post-venta
  • Reliable Quality Testing
  • Perfect Designing Services

Principales Productos y Servicios:

  • Transparente de la pantalla LED
  • Tubular LED Light
  • Luz del punto
  • Panel de luz

Jiangmen Always Lighting Co. Ltd.

ALways Lighting

Always Lighting consists of three state-of-the-art factories consisting of advanced manufacturing machines. It started its operations in 2010 and has a decade-long experience delivering transparent LED display screens to more than 40 countries worldwide. When it comes to quality, Always Lighting comes with top-notch certifications like CE, EMC, TUV, LVD, IEC, and BIS. 

Its fast-paced production capability enables quick LED production that you can expect to reach you within 1-2 weeks after the final order. It also comes with customization options as well as 3 years warranty period for its products. The prices are somehow a bit higher than other manufacturers. 

Ventajas de la compañía:

  • en el Mercado
  • Certificaciones de calidad
  • Entrega Rápida
  • Premium Designing Services
  • Entrega global

Principales Productos y Servicios:

  • Transparente de la pantalla LED
  • Luz lineal
  • Luz magnetica
  • Perfil de PC

3 Benefits of Importing Transparent LED Screens from China

There are countless benefits of importing valuable products like transparent LED screens from China. Some of the most noticeable ones are as follows.


Transparent LED screens become the most affordable when imported from Chinese manufacturers. The primary reason behind the affordable prices is their low export tax implications. You can get free samples through most of their manufacturers to ensure that quality and affordability are also a priority for these manufacturers. These LEDs are around 40% low in rates than usual transparent LED screens from around the globe.


Chinese transparent LED screen manufacturers always pay great attention to their product quality. Most of these manufacturers are certified through various international quality consortiums like ISO, CE, and RoHS. The raw materials, as well as the production mechanisms, are advanced as well as extremely durable. You can expect your transparent LED screens to last up to 10 years. 

Soporte post-venta

Chinese transparent LED screen manufacturers and suppliers always provide considerable after-sales support. Most of the prominent manufacturers offer 24/7 after-sales support. It includes all types of product assistance, such as installation, repair, maintenance, etc. Moreover, you can also choose your preferred platform for getting support for these LEDs. You may also use social media platforms, which eliminates the need for physical support. 

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